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Arise, Shine

The Church In This City

Escape From Christendom


Jesus Only

Set Our Hearts On Fire

Toward An Effective Ministry

Vital Christianity

Sermon On The Mount




  Abide In Me   

Action of the Heart

After The Noise

Agressive Toward God

Ahead of Your Time  

Aliens In Babylon

Alive Free and Useful

All the Promises of God Find Their Yes In Him 

An Offered Life     

An Open Church

An Open Ear

And Sinners Will Be Converted Unto Thee

Are You Sanctified

Arise Go To Nineveh

Arise From The Dead

Armor of Light, The

As They Went

Armor of Light, the

Back to Romans 14

Back To Our First Love


Baptism In The Holy Spirit

Bearing Fruit

Behold We Are Going Up To Jerusalem

Be Still And Know That I Am Lord

Be Sure Of Him

Between Legalism And License

Be Sure To Tell Peter   

Beyond Death  

Beyond the Signs 

Blessed, The  

Blessed Are The Peacemakers

Blessed Are Those Who Mourn

Blessed Forgotten, The 

Blessed Repentance

Blood Water & Light

Bouncing Prayers and the Cry of the Heart

Bread of the Covenant, The

Break Up Your Fallow Ground

Bride And The Monster, The

Brief Study of Ezekiel 34

Bringing In The Sheaves

Broken Bread & Poured Out Wine 

Broken Jars Blazing Light

Build Thou The Walls Of Jerusalem

Burning Heart, A Burning Tongue, A

But Where Is The Vineyard

By Faith

By His Mercy

Call of God And The Fear of Man

Casting Out Fear

Catching Fire

Certain of Things Not Seen

Choice of Faith, The

Christ In You, The Hope of Glory    

Claim Your Inheritance

Cleansed by the Blood, Refined by the Fire  

Cleansing of the Body

Closer Walk, A

Comfortable Pulpit, The

Comfort in the World or Comfort of God

Comfort of Babylon or the Comfort of God

Coming Free 


Competent Ministers

Concerning the End Part One

Concerning the End Part Two

Condemnation, False Peace, and the Call of God


Constant Joy   

Continuous Thanksgiving  

Coping With The Press Of Time 

Corporate Faith, A

Corporate Worship 

Dawn Before Darkness


Discerning His Presence         

Discerning The Body       

Divine Grace and Human Responsibility

Do I Love God

Do Not Be Anxious

Doing the Work of God

Door of His Presence, The

Doorway To Faith, The

Down To Reality

Draw Near

Draw Near To The Body

Dwelling of God, The

Dwelling Place of God, The

Elijah's Mantle

Enthusiasm + Discipline = Zeal

Esau, Jacob or Israel?

Eternity Now Pt. 1

Eternity Now Pt. 2

Except The Lord Build The House...

Expectations: Real and Unreal 

Ezekiel's Temple And You                 

Facing Uncertainty


Faith + Faithfulness = Strength

Faith That Works

Faith The Realiy

Faithful In That Which Is Least

Feed My Sheep

Filled With The Spirit's Power

Final Awakening, The

Finger Of God, The

Fire Of God, The

Fire Within, The

Firstborn Among Many Brethren

First Five Minutes, The

First Hand Vision

Fitting In  

For A Mind At Peace   

Form of This World Is Passing Away, The

Freedom One

Freedom From Vanity

Fresh Wine Skins                                                            


Friends of the King

From Dead Works To Living Service

From Fear of Death

From the Spirit Within  

Full Fledged Sons

Get Thee Up Into The High Mountain                                                    

Getting Back Our Zeal  

Getting Inspired 

Glorious Liberty of the Children of God

Glory Of The Way, The

God Gave Me A Tongue

God of Jonah, The

God of the Living

Going To War

Good Fruit

Good Word, A

Gospel In Three Words, The

Gospel We Live, The


Gracious Delay of Swift Wrath

Grip of God, The


Hand Of God, And The Body Of Christ

Harvest is Plentiful, The

Have No Anxiety About Anything

He Comes to Lift Us Up

He Knows What He's Doing

He Will Guide You

Healed By His Stripes

Hearing the Word

Heart of Flesh for a Heart of Stone

He's Coming

He Is Able If You Are Willing

He Shall Stand and Feed His Flock

He Will Lead

His Birth In Us

His Body

His Gifts

His Life, His Work, His Glory

His Way

Holy Disruption

Holy Ground

Holy Nation, A

Holy Proximity


Hopes and Fears of All the Years, the  

How Does Jesus Do It?

How Do We Get Up There?                                                                  

How Long Is This Valley?

How Long Lord?

How To Be A Welcome Mat

I Am With You As You Go

I Came To Cast Fire


If Your Heart Is Right

I Honor My Father


Image And The Stone, The

I'm Not Sure I Can Trust God

In His Steps

Indifference, Urgency & insurgency

Indwelling Master, The

Inner Door, The

Innocent Blood

Inside The Covenant

Inspired Hope

Inspired Moment Inspired Walk


Interpreting The Present Time

Interrupted Worship

Into The Water

Is That Word Dead or Alive?

Is There No Balm In Gilead?

I See Men But They Look Like Trees Walking

It Depends On How You Know Him 

It Is God Who Justifies

Its His Banquet

I Will Build My Church


Jerusalem And Babylon

Jesus Remember Me

Joy Of The Lord (3 part)

Judgment & Grace

Keeping It Fresh

Keeping the Vision

Kingdom Authority

Kingdom Chastity

Kingdom Unity

Kingdom Violence

Knowing the Time

Last Door, The


Leaders Took the Lead...,The

Learning to Ask

Led To Lead

Lest the Cross of Christ Be Emptied of Its Power

Let The Peace Of God Rule In Your Hearts

Let Your Light Shine


Life For These Mortal Bodies

Lift Up Your Voice With Strength

Light In The Valley

Light of the New Covenant

Lion of The Tribe of Judah

Living & the Dead, The

Living In His Grace

Living On The Edge Of Eternity

Living Under A Call

Lo, I Have Come To Do Thy Wil

Lord, Increase Our Faith

Lord, Teach Us To Pray

Lost In God

Lost In The Worship Of God

Lost Shepherd of Lost Sheep

Make Love Your Aim

Make Straight the Way of the Lord

Making the Most of Time

Marth's Complaint, Mary's Heart

Mediocrity, Vision and the Kingdom Agenda

Midnight Vision, The

Mind of Christ, The

Mind On Heaven, Feet On The Ground

Ministering to the Lord

Ministry of the Body

More Than We Bargained For

Mother Knows Best

Mounting Up On Wings

Moving Mountains 101

Much Fruit

My Agenda Or Gods?

My Words

My Yoke Is Easy

Name Before God, A Voice Before Men, A

Narrow Door, The

Never the Same Again

New Mind, The

New Nature, The

No Longer Children

Not By Might, Nor By Power But By My Spirit

Not of the World But In It

Now Is The Day Of Salvation


Obsessed With Reality

Oil Of Joy, The

Of One Heart And One Soul

Of One Voice

On A Pedestal Or Under The Yoke

Only Way Out, The

Opening The Door


Other Sheep

Our Lord, Our Friend

Other Sheep

Our Lord, Our Friend

Our Prophetic Calling

Our Ultimate Financial Advisor

Out Of The Rut

Outward Bound

Pentecost - Experience or Commission

People Get Ready

People Of The Word, The

Physician Heal Thyself

Pilot And Me

Pleasing God

Pleasure Image and the Peace of God

Power Love and a Sound Mind

Power of the Word

Pray And Do Not Loose Heart

Praying Without Losing Heart

Press On


Prepare The Way

Price of Unity, The

Priests of Forgiveness

Principle of the Banquet, The

Program, The

Promise And The Law, The

Prophetic Church, A

Pulling Together

Put On The Mantle

Pursuing the Vision


Receiving Him

Redemptive Disruption



Remember And Live

Resurrection Power

Restoring the Shriveled Vision

Return From The Unreal

Reversing The Inward Spiral


Rich Toward God

Right Where You Are

River, The

Rivers of Living Water

Rock Vine and Living Body

Romans 8 And The worshipping Church

Salute No One On The Road

Seeing the Glory of God

Seeing the Light

Second Rest, The

Self Deception & the Holiness of God

Servants of God

Servants of God in the Kingdom of Men

Servants of the Word

Serving The Lord With Gladness

Seventh Seal, The

SHEPHERD and the Shepherds, The

Shepherd's Voice, The

Simple Obedience


Single Eye, A

Soap Opera Syndrome and Call of God

Something To Live For

Sons of God

Sons of Light

Sound Mind, A

Spirit Baptized Spirit Led

Spiritual Person, A

Spoken Word, The


Starting Point, The

Stone Which the Builders Rejected, the

Strange Command, A

Strength Of A Settled Heart

Strength Within

Struggle of the Saint

Sure Of Things Hoped For

Sustained To Conquer

Take Up Your Cross Daily

Taking the Weight

Teach Us To Pray

Temple Syndrome Or Kingdom Faith

That the Power of Christ May Rest Upon Me

There Am I In The MIdst Of Them

They Have Kept Thy Word

They Have No Wine

They Shall Never Perish

Those Who Hear Shall Live

Time to Build Up, A

Time To Seek God, The

Tradition, Tradition, Tradition

True Praise

To Speak Thy Word With Boldness

Tough Saints


True Body of Christ, The, I COR 12-13

Two Gifts

Two Way Submission

Two Gifts

Two Yokes

Ultimate U-Turn, The

Under His Yoke

Up To It

Vision Hastens, The

Vision That Moves Us, The

Voice Of The Lord In The Book Of Revelation

Voice In The Wilderess (Nova Scotia)

Volunteer Syndrome & The Call of God

Walk With Me


Was Jesus Exaggerating?

Watchmen On The Walls

Weapons Of Our Warfare

We Can Afford To Concentrate

Welcome One Another

What Am I Worth

What Are You Going To Do With Jesus' Words

When You Lose Touch

Where Do You Dwell

Which Jesus?

Who Are The Elect

Who Occupies the Throne

Who Said Prayer Was Easy?

Who Says Your Not Ready?

Whose Authority

Whose Glory?

Why Can't I Believe

Why Don't They Appreciate Me?

Why Are You Running

Why Didn't Jesus Tell Jokes?


Wise Fools

Work of God, The

Worthy Is the Lamb

Yoke That Frees, The

Your Faith Has Made You Well

Your Ministry

Zeal of the Lord of Hosts

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