S-T AUDIO SERMONS of Richard Bieber

The audio sermons that were recently uploaded in 2024 are color coded in orange. The sermons uploaded in previous years are coded in teal.  Titles in red need editing. Please let us know if there are any mislabeled or incomplete recordings.

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Sacrifices of Thanksgiving (1984)
The Sacrifices of God (1982)
Salute No One on the Road (1984)
Satisfied (1977)
Say Something (1980)
The Second Rest (1978)
Secret Fanatics (1976)
Seeing the Glory of God (1973)
Seeing the Glory of God (1988)
The Servant Mentality and The Breath Of God(1988)
Servants of God (1973)
Servants of God in The Kingdom of Men (1988)
Service and Fulfillment (1985)
Serving the Lord with Gladness–Make a Joyful Noise(1987)
Settled in Christendom or Lost in God? (1978)
The Shepherd and The Shepherds (1987)
The Shepherd’s Voice (1997)
Sifted and Ready (1985)
Signs and Wonders (1981)
A Simple Diet (1984)
Sing to the Lord A New Song (1982)
The Soap Opera Syndrome and the Call of Christ (1982)
Soaring Hope, Solid Confidence (1985)
Something BIG for God (1978)
Something to Live For (1976)
Sowing Beside All Waters(1976)
Speak Out (1982)
Spectators, Clients, Critics and Fellow Laborers (1984)
Spent (1977)
The Spirit of Slavery or the Spirit of Sonship (1975)
Spiritual Awakening #2 (1984)
Spiritual Awakening (1983)
The Spoken Word (1978)
Standing Before the Lord (1983)
Staying Near the Cross (1984)
The Still Small Voice (1987)
The Strength of a Settled Heart (1979)
Strength Within… A Prediction (1976)
Strengthen Your Brethren (1978)
Strengthen Your Brethren (1987)
Submitted to Each Other (1982)
Success (1988)
Sure of Things Hoped For (1982)
The Sustaining Vision (1978)
The Sword of God…The Body Of Christ (1985)
Take Your Place (1985)
Taking The Weight (1986)
Taking Up Our Cross Daily– From Dead Bones to Living People Daily (1984)
Temple Syndrome..-Kingdom Faith (1980)
Thanksgiving (1978)
That All May Prophesy (1988)
That Your Joy May Be Full (1973)
The Lord In Our Midst (1975)
The Lord Within (1988)
The Lord Working With Us (1985)
The Lord, The Body, And The Believer (1975)
The Spirit (unknown-oldest tape) 1972?
They Shall See God (1983)
They That Sow in Tears (2000 Harvest Dinner)
This Is The Gate of Heaven (1986)
Those Who Sow In Tears Shall Reap In Joy (1982)
Three Stages (1982)
Thy Kingdom Come (1982)
Thy Saving Health Among All Nations (1977)
Times Of Refreshing (1981)
To Speak Thy Word With Boldness (1973)
Tough Faith (1987)
Tough Saints (1973)
Trials (1978)
Tribulation (1975)
True Praise (1977)

True to Our Calling (Final sermon as pastor of Messiah Church…November 1988)
Trusting The Spirit (1984)
Truth In The Inward Parts (1988)