N-R AUDIO SERMONS of Richard Bieber

The audio sermons that were recently uploaded in 2024 are color coded in orange. The sermons uploaded in previous years are coded in teal.  Titles in red need editing. Please let us know if there are any mislabeled or incomplete recordings.

To Listen:  Left Click on the sermon title. To Download:  Hover your mouse/cursor over the player while the sermon is in play mode … click on the elliptical dots or right click over the player (depending on your browser) and download options should appear.

New Eyes, Heart, And A New Tongue (1988)
No Condemnation (1980)
Not By Might, Nor By Power, But By My Spirit (1987)
Not of The World But in It (1975)
Not To Be Served, But To Serve (1980)
Now Is The Day Of Salvation (1984)
Obsessed with Reality (1979)
An Obsession Worth Keeping  (1988)
An Offered Life (1981)
One Thing Is Needful (1977)
Open The Gates (1985)
Opening The Door (1974)
Our Holy Calling (1978)
Our Work Or His? (1973)
Out Of Egypt Have I Called My Son (1973)
Out Of The Rut (1974)
Outdo One Another In Showing Honor (1983)
The Outsider Syndrome and The Kingdom Welcome (1985)
Outward Bound (1979)
Overcoming Hopeless Situations (1982)
Partaking in the Divine Nature…the Dying & Living Sacrifice (1978)
Pentecost: Experience Or Commission? (1982)
People Get Ready (1975)
A People Of The Word (1985)
People Under The Word (1980)
Physician Heal-Thyself (1979)
The Pleasure Image and the Peace Of God (1975)
The Plumb Line—Where’s The Beef? (1984)
The Politician and The Servant,  (1988)
The Pool Of Siloam (1986)  Note first few minutes fuzzy
The Pool Of Siloam (1999)
Positive Faith (1984)
Power (1985)
Power From On High (1985)
The Power That Draws (1985)
The Power To Turn (1977)
Power, Love, and a Sound Mind (1973)
Praying Without Losing Heart (1980)
Precious Seed (1985)
Prepare the Way (1973)
Prepare the Way of the Lord (1983)
The Press of Time (1977)
The Price of Unity (1975)
A Prophetic Church (1986)
Pulling Together (1985)
A Pure Heart, A Single Eye (1978)
Put on the Mantle (1984)
Putting Ourselves In A Bind (1984)
Rainmakers (1981)
The Real Temple (1984)
The Reality of Faith… aka Faith (1977)
Redemptive Disruption (1982)
Refined Faith (1979)
Reliable (1973)
Removing the Bushel (1984)
The Renewed Mind (1977)
Rest aka Rest from Unrest (1976)
The Restoration of Zion…Blessed are Those Who Mourn (1985)
Restoring the Shriveled Vision (1975) tape cut off
Results (1987)
The Resurrection Call (Easter 1988)
Return from the Unreal (1975)
Reversing the Inward Spiral (1980)
Revival (1982)
Rich Toward God (1978)
The Righteous Shall Live By Faith (1980)
Risks and Rewards (1987)
Rivers of Living Water (1976)
The Rock, The Vine, and the Living Body (1975)