H-I AUDIO SERMONS of Richard Bieber

The audio sermons that were recently uploaded in 2024 are color coded in orange. The sermons uploaded in previous years are coded in teal.  Titles in red need editing. Please let us know if there are any mislabeled or incomplete recordings.

To Listen:  Left Click on the sermon title. To Download:  Hover your mouse/cursor over the player while the sermon is in play mode … click on the elliptical dots or right click over the player (depending on your browser) and download options should appear.

Hallowed Be Thy Name (1983)
Hallowed Be Thy Name, Thy Kingdom Come (1986)
Have No Anxiety (1973)
He Will Exalt You In Due Time (1980)
He Will Lead (1974)
Healing (1982)
Healing (1985)
The Healing Light, the Spreading Fire (1985)
Hearing from the Lord (1983)
Hearing His Voice (1977)
Heart of Flesh for a Heart of Stone (1976)
Heat Treated Faith (2010)
Heaven on Earth (1987)
Heavenly Treasure in Earthen Vessels (Christmas 1987)
Heavenly Treasure–Earthen Vessels (1981)
Help From Above (1975)
A Higher Plan (1981)
His Birth In Us (Christmas 1983)
His Harvest (1988)
His Resurrection and Ours (2010)
HIS Voice Only (1999)
The Holy Exchange (1984)
A Holy Nation (1973)
Holy Proximity (1986)
Hope That Never Disappoints (1978)
Hope— The Gift of Hope (1973)
Hope— The Two Sides of Hope (1980)
How Long Is This Valley? (1982)
I Am The Door (1977)
I Am The Way (1981)
I Believe, Help My Unbelief (1988)
I See Men, But They Look Like Trees Walking (1982)
I Sent You to Reap —bilingual Spanish (2000)
Identity…  Christmas Eve (1980)
If You Knew the Gift of God (1975)
Illumination (1979)
Impact (1982)
In A Cynical World: A Childlike Faith (1988)
In His Steps (1981)
In The Spirit (1975)
In The Spirit and Power of Elijah (1984)
In The World But of The Kingdom (1984)
In This Hope We Were Saved (1975)
Indifference, Urgency, Insurgency (1986)
Inner Life (1975)
Inner Renewal (1977)
Innocent Blood (1984)
Inside the Covenant (1987)
Inspired Hatred (1978)
Inspired Hope (1983)
Inspired Moment, The Inspired Walk (1987)
Into God’s Ways (1979)
Into the Deep (1986)
The Invitation and the Call (1982)
Is There No Balm in Gilead? (1973)
It Is God Who Justifies (1975)
It’s His Banquet (1974)