*New* Recently Digitized AUDIO SERMONS of REB

These are the recently uploaded  audio sermons of Richard E. Bieber.

The sermons span the years 1972 to 1988 with some exceptions. These sermons were recorded on cassette tapes during that time period. It will take time to digitize and upload the rest of the taped sermons. In the past, some of them were already uploaded to our older pages. At this point around half of the sermons have now been digitized into MP3 format. The list below does not include the sermons that were uploaded to the older pages.  The goal is to merge the lists once all the sermons are digitized. To access the audio sermons uploaded prior to 2017 click here.

To Listen:  Left Click on the sermon title.

To Download:  Hover your mouse/cursor over the player while the sermon is in play mode … click on the elliptical dots or right click over the player (depending on your browser) and download options should appear.

Note: We will no longer be making CD’s of the sermons. All will be offered in MP3 (digital) format only, since we do not have the equipment to create new CD’s.