My omnipotent Lord, enable me to do what, apart from


Thy enabling, is impossible. Yet since it is Thy


will I can ask in the utmost confidence. I would be


detached from everything that would hinder me, and


therefore hinder Thee, in the accomplishment of Thy purpose.



Let me be willing that Self should be completely


dethroned in my life. When I have sometimes thought


the victory was won, I have found to my humiliation


that I was still in bondage to my old enemy. He is


too strong and subtle for me. Do Thou, therefore,


cleanse the temple of my being as Thou didst in the


days of Thy flesh. Drive out all the buyers and


sellers, and make my heart a house of prayer.



Teach me the life of absolute dependence upon Thee.


I am so prone to creaturely activity and creaturely


self-assertion. I have so often failed to realize


that apart from Thee I can do nothing.



My Master, lead me to Thy door;


Pierce this now willing ear once more:


Thy bonds are freedom; let me stay


With thee, to toil, endure, obey.



May I show my devotion to Thee by my love of Thy Word,


and by my glad and quick obedience to Thy sayings.


May I never pick and choose among Thy commands, but


regard every Word of Thine as binding upon me. To


this end help me patiently and diligently to study


Thy precepts; to be as glad to come to Thee for law


as for life; and to remember that Thy commandments


are not grievous.



Let me never through carelessness or self-indulgence


be disapproved; but, submitting to the discipline


of the Holy Spirit, may I lay aside every weight;


run the heavenly race; and at last finish the course


and win the crown. I ask this in the Name of Jesus


my Savior and King.


Amen (author unknown)